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Podcast Episode 005: Maximizing Baseball Practice Efficiency



Maximizing the efficiency of baseball practices is one of, if not my favorite topic to discuss with coaches.

The game of baseball is fighting a losing battle against other, more fast paced games in the age of instant gratification.  Coaches have to start designing their practices with that specifically in mind. If you went to a two and a half hour practice and took 10 ground balls, swung the bat 10 times, and ran a few laps around the field, wouldn't you feel like you just wasted your time?

Don't ever let your practices get dull.  Kids don't join a sport to stand around and do nothing, they join to have fun, they join to learn, and they join to be active.

This two part podcast is designed to help amateur coaches of all levels avoid the three evil Ls of baseball practice... oh yeah, and there's some cooking tips in there too!!!!




In this episode,  you will learn:

  1. How to make the best Thanksgiving Turkey you've ever had (seriously!)

  2. The three evil L's of youth practices and how to avoid them (two are covered in part 2)

  3. How to impove your team DURING warm-ups.

  4. Why and how we don't run laps in practice any more

  5.  How to avoid the dreaded end of practice "get on the line" or "line up at home plate"

  6. When you should condition in practice so players give their all the entire practice


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Screen Shot 2014-12-22 at 8.25.03 AM

1 person working, 7 people standing around. Look like fun to you? Try to get 7 people working and 1 resting!

Resources Mentioned in this Show

Cornerstone 10 Practice Plan Series

3 Ball and QB Drill Warm -up

Rundown Warm-up

Drills for Catchers - Miami University Catching DVD


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