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CCA Podcast 006: Maximizing Practice Efficiency Part 2



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Players should be active at least 1/2 of the time during a baseball practice.


In this episode you will learn:

  1. How to keep players from tuning you out in practice.
  2. How to get players to utilize your practice time efficiently so they are active at least 1/2 of the time.
  3. Instructional strategies to help your player's retention rate.
  4. How to help players transition what they learn in practice to games.
  5.  How to increase your coaching staff without increasing your coaching staff.
  6. If you must have lines in your practice, how you make them productive lines.
  7. What tool you need the most of to maximize your practice time.


Cornerstone 10 Practice Plan Series - Our 10 practice plan rotation will make sure you don't miss any skills or tactics and will save you TONS of time!

Whistle and a Clipboard- The Coaching Community's resource - Great podcast with host Jason Oates, tons of great guests.


Catching-drill-menu - This is a great resource for coaches to maximize practice time with their catchers.

Cornerstone's Bronze (FREE) Membership - Tons of free resources updated regularly


Cornerstone's Elite Membership - $1 Trial membership, over 60 tactical games, 5 online course, weekly video/audio tips


Fast Paced PFP -  My players hated PFPs and never took them seriously, until I implemented this fast paced, up tempo, drill to get all PFPs done in just 5-7 minutes.



3 Ball and QB Drill Warm -up - Avoid laps with this great warm-up, and work on skills at the same time


Rundown Warm-up - Work on your rundowns every other day in warm-ups


Drills for Catchers - Miami University Catching DVD - Many of the drills in the drill menu are explained here




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