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CCA Podcast 007: Managing Two Way Players



Screen Shot 2015-01-17 at 8.13.06 PMWhat you can expect to learn in this episode:

  • How you should be training your pitchers and hitters
  • Keeping two way players healthy
  • How to work proper rest into a schedule for two way players
  • How two way players may need to adjust the ASMI pitch count chart
  • How to prepare your travel team for the pitching demands of tournaments
  • How a high school coach can keep their pitchers healthy through the season to be healthy at post season time
  • How to manipulate your line up to save your two way players arms.
  • Why that kid who you think can't pitch should be given a chance.







MLB Pitch Smart A website put out by MLB as a resource for parents, coaches, and players to learn how to manage their pitch counts and rest. 


Our article on reducing the rate of Tommy John - Our research based article on how to safely manage pitchers.  This article includes the ASMI pitch charts for rest and pitch maximums.


Our article on post pitcher recovery - This article includes whether a pitcher should ice or not, and different modalities for pitchers to reduce soreness, speed up recovery, and reduce injuries.


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