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CCA Podcast 019: 8 Tips For Getting the Most Out of Bullpen Sessions


In this episode you will learn how to maximize bullpen sessions by:

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  • Giving you eight great tips for bullpen
  • How to warm-up appropriately for their bullpen session
  • Simulating the work load of a game
  •  Working on your ENTIRE game in pitching
  • Making sure they are comfortable throwing the most crucial pitches they will need to throw in a game
  • Creating competition in bullpen session



Tactical Games Examples - Includes the R-O-C-K-E-T-S game for creating competition in bullpen sessions

Complete Throwing Program for Amateur Pitchers - Sign up for more details on our new throwing program

Baserunning Chart - We keep this chart for our pitchers in their bullpen session so that they can work on varying their timing in the stretch.

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