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CCA Podcast 096: Developing a successful summer camp program

In this episode of the CCA Podcast you will learn:

  • How to select a time for your summer camp
  • How to price your summer camp
  • How to get workers for your summer camp
  • How to use your camp to build your program's brand
  • What our camp plans look like
  • The goals of our summer camp
  • Four other camp ideas besides the week long summer camp.

Resources of the show:

  • Bronze library - A FREE library full of coaching drills, documents, and videos for baseball coaches of all ages.  Just a small taste of our Cornerstone Elite membership.

  • Summer ball player development kit - This is just a small part of our Elite Membership and includes: Week long batting practice plan, 12 week bat speed development plan, lead up drills for infielders, throwing progressions for pitchers, infielders, catchers, and outfielders, at the field conditioning program and rotational med ball series for explosive movement

  • eBook - 9 tips to getting your coaching career off the ground - In this ebook, you get 9 tips to prepare yourself professionally for working in the coaching field

  • So you're a head coach... now what - This completely FREE web clinic will guide you step by step through the beginning process of becoming a head coach.



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