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CCA Podcast 099: An effective popup and fly ball communication system


In this episode of the CCA podcast, you will learn:

  • How to create your priority zones for pop-up and fly ball communication

  • When your players should call the ball

  • The verbiage we use use so our players know who has priority

  • How many players should be going after each pop-up/fly ball depending on where they are on the field

  • The secret to giving your players the confidence to go after the ball hard

  • How the players on your bench play an integral role in every pop-up and fly ball

Resources of the show

  • Infield/outfield pop-up communication checklist - Use this system to create an air tight communication system for your players to be confident going after pop-ups and fly balls

  • Bronze library - A FREE library full of coaching drills, documents, and videos for baseball coaches of all ages.  Just a small taste of our Cornerstone Elite membership.

  • ACE Infield Course - This course for Elite Members shows you how to create Athletic, Consistent, Extraordinary infielders all the way from the pre-pitch positioning to turning double plays!

  • Developing Dynamic Outfielders - One of the most under-taught positions on the field.  If you just have your outfielders take fungos during practice, this course is for you!

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  1. Philip Cohen says:

    May 2016 I was filling in for an inning as right fielder for the opposing team who was playing a man short. Ball was hit to short right field. Neither player had a chance to make the catch on the fly so no call was made. I, as right fielder, could take it on a short hop so I was leaning forward. The second basemen and I collided head to head. After the play I heard players on the defensive team saying that people were calling the name of the second basemen (which I do not remember hearing). It wouldn’t have mattered if I did hear the name calling because we both had the same name. I still can’t figure out how to avoid this going forward so I admit I shy away from close contact which creates its own set of problems. Is there a protocol for this situation? I sustained facial fractures and had post-concussion issues for many months.

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