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CCA Podcast 102: 2 great fielding drills


In this episode of the CCA Podcast, you will learn:

  • The three most important things we work on with fielders once they have a footwork base.

  • How to use a bucket or a cone to create a great fielding drill

  • A game to do inside that your players will LOVE that improves their tempo rhythm and timing.

  • How to translate that drill outside


Resources of the Show

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  • Developing A.C.E. Infielders eCourse - Completely change your defensive philosophy with your infielders.  Stop creating robot infielders and start creating Athletic, Consistent, Extraordinary infielders.

  • Throwing sequences for infielders - These 5 sequences will contain every throw your infielders will need to make in a fast paced, exciting environment.


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