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CCA Podcast 105 – 7 mistakes baseball players make in the weight room

In this episode of the Cornerstone Coaching Academy Podcast you will learn:

  • Why your players shouldn't try to be body builders
  • Why your players should lift heavy things
  • Which energy system your players should be training
  • What "core"work really looks like
  • If your players should do isolation exercises
  • If your players should use body weight, dumbbells, barbells, or machines
  • The thing I wish I had concentrated on more


Resources of the show

  • Each week between now and March 1, we will be releasing an exercise of the week to CCA Subscribers.  So far we have barbell home run press, a random vacation pool exercise, explosive pushup sprints, and alternate med ball reverse throws.  You NEED to be following this!!!

  • Get our complete offseason conditioning program by joining Cornerstone Elite.  Whether you are a coach training your entire team, or you are an individual player or dad looking for an edge next year, this program will have you bigger, stronger, faster, and more explosive next year.

  • Check out our free web clinic on developing more explosive baseball players.

  • If you know a college baseball player who is not on a full scholarship, they are available for the 11.7 scholarship which will be awarded to this December to be paid out in the Spring semester.


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