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CCA Podcast 119: Components of a great outfielder

In this episode of the CCA Podcast, you will learn:

  • How to get access to our offseason Winter Clinic
  • An easy change you can make to improve your outfield practice
  • How to create consistent off the bat footwork
  • Why we don't believe in "first step back"
  • Why communication and priority are the MOST important thing for quality outfield play.
  • Our priority system for pop-ups and flyballs
  • Two innovative ideas for creating a quality communication system


Resources of the show

  • Cornerstone Elite Winter Clinic - 8 great presentations, bring the clinic right to your living room!  Available to Elite members from January 1-March 31

  • Cornerstone Elite Membership - The BEST, most inclusive online resource for travel, youth, and high school coaches.  Everything you need to run a championship program in one spot... wherever you are!

  • Drop step video- Get access to the video that shows what our initial "drop or read" step looks like.

  • Infield/outfield pop-up communication checklist - Use this system to create an air tight communication system for your players to be confident going after pop-ups and fly balls

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