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Cornerstone Coaching Academy is the premier online resource for baseball coaches of all levels.  Cornerstone's goal is to offer resources to give coaches the technical and tactical knowledge they need, as well as coaching and teaching skills to communicate the information to their players.  Cornerstone offers cutting edge, research based information to help players translate the skills they learn in practice into competition.


Cornerstone's curriculum is developed around the concepts of athlete centered coaching, and technical and tactical games for understanding.  All of our products are designed to give coaches the tools they need to help athletes perform at their optimum level while focusing on character development, decision making, and developing leaders.



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Cornerstone Coaching Academy was designed and founded by Kyle Nelson in 2012.  Kyle has 10 years experience coaching baseball at the high school, club,and collegiate level. While getting his Master's Degree from Ohio University in Coaching Education, Kyle realized the dire need for coaching education for youth, club, volunteer, and high school coaches in our country.  Many youth players become disenchanted with their sport due to an overemphasis on results (winning) and a lack of emphasis on improvement, learning and character.


As a high school coach, he is thankful for the opportunity to reach the 60+ athletes in his program each year.  But he realized that if he could reach only 60 coaches per year (and there will be more than that reached!) he could possibly reach more than 1200 athletes.


Unfortunately, not every youth, high school, or college coach gives their players a positive experience.  The goal of Cornerstone is to help maximize the experience of the youth, high school, and college player by helping their coaches develop a better understanding of skills, tactics, and coaching methods.


CCA is the result of Kyle's passion for coaching and a desire to see youth coaches finally get the tools they need to make their youth sports program a success.  Cornerstone's curriculum is research based and written around the eight domains of the National Standards for Sports Coaches.  Kyle recognizes that coaches are a youth sports organization's most valuable resource and knows how your organization can get the most out of them.



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