This Baseball Offseason Conditioning Program contains day-by-day workouts for the entire offseason for high school aged players and above. 

This practical conditioning guide has all you need to transform hard work in the weight room to performance on the baseball field.

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Just print and post that phase's workout

After ordering, you will get instant access to your complete offseason conditioning course.

In this complete baseball offseason conditioning program, you will discover...

  • Periodization Schedule

    You will get a periodization calendar so your players hit their physical peak right as your season starts by going through four different cycles of volumes and intensities.

  • Daily Workout Calendars

    Our program tells you exactly what workouts you should be doing on each day to keep your athletes safe from overtraining while ensuring maximum gains that will transfer to the baseball field.

  • Flexible Workouts

    Our workouts give each athlete options to fit their individual needs or equipment availability.  Players can also change their workouts on a daily basis to avoid the plateau effect.

  • Baseball Specific Movements

    So many traditional weight lifting programs do not meet the specific needs of baseball players.  This program incorporates movements and exercises to help players generate force from their ground up through a stable core that can explode rotationally.

Check out the results here

  • State best 55 home runs in 2010
  • .420 Slugging Percentage in the BBCOR era
  • Area Leaders in Home Runs in 2010, 2011, 2012, 2014, and 2015
  • 100 extra base hits in 35 games in 2015
  • 1 Missed Start By Pitchers from 2010-2015
  • Increases of over 20% in rotational power, agility, strength, and core lifts based on pre and post test results

What's included?

  • Pre and Post testing sheets so your players can see their improvements
  • Periodization explanation to have athletes peak at the right time
  • Complete offseason calendar with daily workouts to minimize overtraining and maximize results
  • Flexible workouts to give athletes choice and minimize the plateau effect
  • 20 weeks worth of workouts
  • A 7 day/ week calendar and a calendar specifically for high school programs
  • Take the prgram anywhere you have an internet connection
  • "Mental Toughness Challenge Days" to develop teamwork and competitiveness in your offseason program
  • Video of non-traditional or complex movements and exercises
  • Warm-up and Cool downs
  • Motivational quotes to post for your athletes
  • This program only requires a standard weight room, medicine balls, surgical tubing, and a BOSU ball (optional)
  • 60 day money back satisfaction garauntee
  • Unlimited email consultation to help with the implementation of the program
  • Easy to adapt to individualized use
  • q-iconWhat age group is this program best for?

    This program is best for high school aged players and older. There are certainly elements of the program that will be very beneficial to younger players (core, agility, plyometrics, and explosive sprints), but much of the weight training portion will be too advanced for them.

  • q-iconYou state that the program is for high school teams, can an individual player use this program too?

    Absolutely!  The workouts are easy for anyone to follow and can will be hugely beneficial and easy to use in individual or team settings.

  • q-iconWhat equipment is needed for this program?

    You just need a weight room with dumbbells, olympic weights, resistance bands, and medicine balls.  There is some optional equipment such as BOSU balls that most gyms or weight rooms will have.

  • q-iconHow is your program delivered?

    The program is delivered as an “online course” with videos explaining how to use the workout calendars, downloadable and printable workouts, printable motivational quotes for your players, weekend workouts for high school players they can do at home when they are away from you, mental toughness challenges to create competition, and an in-season conditioning program to help your players maintain their strength during the season.

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