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Will Your Athlete’s Core Work Translate to Performance?

Every Serious baseball player in the country will be looking for ways to improve their conditioning this offseason and be able to generate more power at the plate, throw with a higher velocity on the mound, or have more body control in the field.


Regardless of the demands of the individual player, their training should start with the core.


Let's take a look at the traditional method of training the core, the crunch.  Ask yourself this question, where on a baseball field does a player lay on their back and curl their chest and shoulders toward their lower body?

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medicine ball The crunch is an effective exercise for developing a washboard midsection (well.. for some) and it can be used in an initial phase core stabilization workout, but it should not be used as a main performance enhancer.


The ultimate goal of training the core for baseball players is to be able to produce force from the ground in a fast rate from the ground to the finger tips while standing, ultimately translating weight room strength and performance to on field performance.


Most baseball movements are not linear like a crunch, curl up, or leg raise, they are rotational.  While linear movements can be a part of an overall core program, they alone will not greatly increase on field performance.


One of most effective method for training the body for on field baseball performance is explosive rotational medball exercises. (available now to our Cornerstone Elite Members)


Prior to beginning aggressive rotational core training, it is imperative that athletes have a stable core.  Simply jumping into an explosive actions will not maximize results, and will put the athlete at greater risk of injury.


That is why we are including this FREE report on 2 weeks to a more stable core to help get your athletes ready for their explosive rotational training.


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