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Silver Certification



The Silver Certification includes the following:

The 103 page Cornerstone Silver Certification Manual


Expertise on the all 8 domains of the National Coaching Standards


Access to the Silver Library (over $200 value!) which contains more than 60 supporting documents and over 60 tactical games for all positions and challenges for practices for one year


Unlimited access to email consultation through Cornerstone for the life of your certification


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What are people saying about the Silver Certification?


"I really think this training is an invaluable resource for anyone interested  coaching.  No matter what skill level you think your at, it will make you better. The Silver Certificate Course supplies you with numerous tools to build your player's confidence as well as your own."     -  Bill B. Youth League President



"I enjoyed attending your coaches conference (Silver Certification) and found it very helpful. It confirmed a few things I already do as a coach and helped me to better understand some newer ideas. Your recent clinics and this class are the kind of "feeder" program efforts that our district needs to stay highly competitive. Thanks again!"  -Ken R. Youth Travel Coach



"The Cornerstone Silver Certification Course was very informative and worthwhile for anyone who coaches a sport.  It will help me to be a better baseball coach."  - Scott N. Youth Travel Coach



"I felt that this course was very informational. I learned not only about baseball, but coaching in general."   -Tom L. Youth Travel Coach



Coach Nelson - the Silver Certification Course was great. I have already implemented many of the things that you went over. One of the takeaways I picked up was to let the kids design a drill. I choose one kid to run a drill at the next practice and tell them that they need to design a drill that we can do at one of our indoor practices and they need to tell me what skill it is going to focus on. So, each practice I run one kid designed drill and the players have a blast!  -Jeff P. Youth Travel Coach


Silver Certification Curriculum

Module 1 - Baseball Coaching Methods

Part 1 - Challenges of the game of baseball

Part 2 - How players learn

Part 3 - The role of the coach/teacher in the learning process

Part 4 - What should we be teaching?

Part 5 - What skills and tactics are appropriate for what ages?

Part 6 - Making in game corrections


Module 2 - Developing a coaching philosophy

Part 1 – Your influence

Part 2 - Developing an athlete centered philosophy


Module 3 - Team management

Part 1 - Player safety

Part 2 - Supervision of athletes

Part 3 - Pitcher safety

Part 4 - Developing an emergency action plan

Part 5 – Player discipline

Part 6 – Ethical issues in baseball

Part 7 – Playing time/Characteristics of each position


Module 4 - Team Administration

Part 1 - Coach responsibilities by season

Part 2 - Conducting tryouts

Part 3 - Conducting a pre-season parent meeting

Part 4 - Conducting team meetings

Part 5 - Conducting individual player meetings

Part 6 - Communication with parents/coaches/officials

Part 7 - Giving feedback to players


Module 5 - Character and team building

Part 1 - Developing/revealing character through sport

Part 2 - Short term team building activities

Part 3 - Long term team building activities

Part 4 - Developing leaders


Module 6 - Care and Prevention

Part 1 – Hydration

Part 2 - Common baseball injuries

Part 3 - Preventing common baseball injuries

Part 4 - Recognizing and treatment of concussions

Part 5 - Heat Exhaustion and heat stroke

Part 6 - Administrative duties for injuries


Module 7 - Planning

Part 1 - Long term planning

Part 2 - Aspects of a practice plan

Part 3 - Teaching tactical skills

Part 4 - Teaching technical skills


Module 8 - Evaluation

Part 1 - Written test (50 multiple choice questions)

Part 2 - Evaluation of lessons plans (Lesson plans will be completed at home or during the final class)

Part 3 - Evaluation of instructional methods (Role playing in instructing a technique or tactic)

Part 4 - Evaluation of communication methods (Role playing in communication with either individual players, parents, or officials)



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