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So You’re a Coach… Now What?

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Highlights of the 58 Page "So You're a Coach... Now What?" eBook

-Developing a coaching philohophy

-Preparing for the season

-Making initial contacts with parents and players

-Pre-season parent and player meeting agendas

-Teaching skills (teaching cues and drills)



-Fielding Ground Balls

-Fielding Fly Balls




-Teaching tactics progressions

-Straight steal

-Hit and run


-Cutoffs and relays

-Bunt defense

-Planning practices

-Appropriate skills and tactics by age group

-Components of a successful practice

-The three things to avoid at all costs in practice

-How to make your players look forward to conditioning

-How to create lineups and divvy up playing time

-How to figure out who should play what position

-Giving in game feedback

-How to close a season

-Practice plan templates

-Defensive spectrum

-Inning by inning dugout chart

-Post season success checklist