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CCA Podcast Episode 013: How to steal bases with amazing efficiency


In thScreen Shot 2015-04-02 at 12.43.21 PMis episode you will learn:

  • The simple equation we use to determine how successful our baserunners will be stealing stealing second.
  • The system we have used to teach our players how to read pitchers and how to get great jumps.
  • The chart we keep to use to help our players get to know each pitchers and when they should and shouldn't run.
  • A simple tip you can use to increase the pitchers time to the plate, AND the catcher's POP (glove to glove) time on a stolen base.

 Resources/Show Notes:

  • Cornerstone's Elite Membership - $1 Trial membership, over 60 tactical games, 5 online course, weekly video/audio tips includes Weighted QAB Spreadsheet. 

  • Cheat sheet for stealing bases - Covers inside tips on stealing bases not covered in this podcast!

  • iTunes - Leave us a review on iTunes and have it be read on the air.

  • Baserunning Chart - Helps your players learn when to run, and teaches them how to read pitchers in games.  Can also be used to help your pitchers vary timing and shut down the running game.


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