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CCA Podcast 094: 7 common characteristics of great programs

In this episode of the CCA Podcast, you will learn:

  • The details quality programs pay attention to
  • How to create a detail oriented mental game
  • Watch your players run to 1st base
  • How much fun are your players having?
  • What your team looks like at the end of the year vs. what they look like at the beginning
  • Is your team having fun?
  • What a "down" year should look like
  • How to make it about more than just baseball.


Resources of the show

Bronze Library - This totally free resource has an amazing array of premium documents mentioned in all of our podcasts.  Don't miss out on this!

Four corner picks - I'm all about maximizing practice time.  Here's a great way to work on pick off moves in a fast, efficient period of time. 

Elite Video/Audio tips - At time of taping there are over 100 video and audio tips in our Elite Member's archive.  This is a MUST see!!!

Daily Dozen Pitching Drills - Use all of them daily, or pick your favorites.  These 12 drills help your pitchers develop an athletic, repeatable delivery.  

Program building documents - Get your pre and post season evaluation forms, your pre-season parent meeting and our mental game power points here!

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